Simple Ways to Help Relieve Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Arthritis May Occur Among Oversize People 

Those people who are overweight may get several health problems such as developing arthritis, a medical expert says. The condition which usually causes the affected men and women to undergo controversial hip replacement from DePUy Orthopeadics, a unit of Johnson & Johnson which has faced 10,100 lawsuits even after it made a recall in 2010 is when a person develops arthritis and its other forms It is a term that covers over 100 medical conditions. The Osteoarthritis (OA) is considered as the most frequently complained type of arthritis and usually have an effect on ageing patients. Some forms of arthritis may affect people at a very early age, the Medical News Today website says.

Being overweight or obese is one of the most significant and potentially a risk factors in the development of osteoarthritis. There are various researches which revealed a strong connection between body mass index and osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, foot and hand.

However, the mechanism(s) by which obesity contributes to the onset and progression of osteoarthritis are not fully understood.

The strong linked between body mass index, altered limb alignment, and osteoarthritis of the knee –and the defensive effects of weight loss — hold up the classic hypothesis that the effects of obesity on the joint are due to increased bio-mechanical loading and associated alterations in gait.

On the other hand, being overweight is now well thought-out to be a low-grade systemic rabble-rousing sickness. Recent studies suggest that metabolic factors associated with obesity alter systemic levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines that are also associated with osteoarthritis.

Thus, the final pressure of obesity on osteoarthritis may absorb a complex interaction of genetic, metabolic, and bio-mechanical factors. In this respect, mouse models of obesity can provide excellent systems in which to examine causal relationships among these factors. In recent years, there have been surprisingly few reports examining the effects of obesity on osteoarthritis using mouse models.

It is always best to be conscious of becoming fit and healthy which may help a person prevent a chronic disease such as arthritis, of which the excruciating pain may lead to surgery such as hip replacement and about which remains the subject of several hip replacement. For more related information, please visit this page.

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